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About Lotus Jersey Takeaway

We are located along La Route de St Aubin and within easy reach from St. Helier. We specialise in providing food from a range of different cuisines and cultures and we aim to provide an efficient service, value for money and to deliver a service with integrity and to the highest standard for all our customers. 

We have a diverse range of well trained chefs working in our kitchens. 

Our Portuguese Chef comes from an extensive background in Mediterranean cuisine and has worked in Portugal as well as restaurants in Jersey. Basic dishes or the more exotic dishes, as well as any requests can be cooked to your preference in a very pleasing style. 

Our Italian Chef has over ten years of diverse and colourful experience internationally. With many years experience in Italian cuisine, added with our extensive range of toppings including the different ethnic toppings, the pizzas are sumptuous. 

Our Chipshop Chef has substantial experience in different cuisines and has great knowledge.from places across the world, allowing him to make tasty and satisfying traditional chip shop favourites and bring his own twist to items if needs be.

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Opening Times

Monday 5:30pm - 10:30pm
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 5:30pm - 10:30pm
Thursday 5:30pm - 10:30pm
Friday 5:30pm - 10:30pm
Saturday 5:30pm - 10:30pm
Sunday 5:30pm - 10:30pm


Parish Min. order Fee Free above
St Brelade £10.00 £3.00 £14.00
St Clement £10.00 £3.00 £14.00
Grouville £10.00 £3.00 £14.00
St Helier £10.00 £3.00 £14.00
St John £10.00 £3.00 £14.00
St Lawrence £10.00 £3.00 £14.00
St Martin £10.00 £3.00 £14.00
St Mary £10.00 £3.00 £14.00
St Ouen £10.00 £3.00 £14.00
St Peter £10.00 £3.00 £14.00
St Saviour £10.00 £3.00 £14.00
Trinity £10.00 £3.00 £14.00