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Anyone can try cooking Chinese food but whether one has the ability to obtain the wok fragrance and the technique of deep or stir-frying that makes food look Chinese, smell Chinese and taste Chinese is another matter.

In Chinese cooking the emphasis is on the marinade of meat or fish, preparing sauces, deep frying and general preparation of food which is the most time consuming part where our chef's skill and expertise lies. The actual cooking time on our very high heat commercial wok cooker is very short hence our cuisine is very suitable for takeaway.

Chef Low will do his very best to make sure you have an extremely enjoyable takeaway meal in the comfort of your home when you order online with New Dynasty on

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Daily 5:00pm - 10:50pm

Parish Min. order Fee Free above
St Brelade £15.00 £3.00 £20.00
St Clement £20.00 Free
Grouville £40.00 Free
St Helier £15.00 £3.00 £20.00
St John £20.00 Free
St Lawrence £15.00 £3.00 £20.00
St Martin £40.00 Free
St Mary £15.00 £3.00 £20.00
St Ouen £15.00 £3.00 £20.00
St Peter £15.00 £3.00 £20.00
St Saviour £15.00 £3.00 £20.00
Trinity £20.00 Free